There's something special on your wrist. It's your pulse.

The first step to contrast Atrial Fibrillation is self-diagnosis: that's the focus of the FIGHT AF campaign, launched by ALFA in 2011. An important starting point towards the awareness of this pathology and on the road of a possible therapeutical path.

Atrial Fibrillation isn't perceived as the most dangerous arrhythmia yet, even if numbers are undisputed, since over 1% of the population is affected by this pathology.
AF significantly worsens the quality of life, and is strictly associated with an increase of the risk of stroke (five times more than those who don't suffer from AF), heart failure (thrice more) and death (twice more). Therefore, this arrhythmia no less than threatens our health, and also implies particularly high costs of hospitalization and treatments. That's the aim of the FIGHT AF campaign: to spread awareness of this topic, while actively learning to contrast it.


- Stimulating and educating the general audience towards a new social awareness of Atrial Fibrillation and of its related risks.
- Fostering a correct interaction between family physician and patient.
- Sensitizing the media through a dedicated communication campaign.
- Functioning as the mouthpiece of an ever-growing request for attention on Atrial Fibrillation, according to a typically bottom-up process, particularly by political bodies, institutions, opinion leaders and those who are in charge of the general health expenditure.


Over-50, male and female Italian subjects.


- 3D educational video, to be delivered to family physicians and to be published on the web; the video will also be available at the ALFA offices
- Full-colour educational booklet to be delivered to family physicians; it will also be available at the ALFA offices
- Promotional flyers and posters
- Dedicated website and presence on various sectorial websites - Advertising on magazines and newspapers
- Extensive press office activity in order to foster the circulation of the campaign among national media - ALFA points in various Italian cities, to sensitize the general audience through a whole day of free cardiac check-ups.

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