A STOP FA DAY for 10,000 people - a great success for ALFA!

Sunday, October 2, 2011: a date to rememeber for ALFA, since STOP FA DAY - the national Italian day to combat Atrial Fibrillation, part of the awareness campaign STOP FA - has been a massive success: the initiative - involving seven among the most important Italian citiesĀ  and thousands of participants - has had an extensive media coverage.

10,000 people visited the STOP FA/ALFA info points set up in Bari, Bergamo, Catania, Naples, Florence, Rome and Venice-Mestre, in order to check their heart rate and - in case of anomalies - receive a free check-up.

The top Italian newspapers have granted great coverage to the event, giving useful information on the initiative and on Atrial Fibrillation, the widespread arrhythmia currently affecting 1 out of 100 Italians.

As we said before, STOP FA DAY has been a part of the national health awareness campaign STOP FA - promoted by ALFA - ALliance to Fight Atrial fibrillation, thanks to the unconditioned support from Sanofi.

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